• FAQ - Chain Link Project

    What is the purpose of the Chain Link?

    Answer: The Chain Link is being carried out to show our patriotism by expressing our love for our country Barbados.

    Are older persons within the society also being encouraged to join the link? How do these older persons join the link?

    Answer: All persons are being asked to take part, those persons who do not have an email address or internet access can visit or call the secretariat at the Ministry of Education.

    Is the Bus Service on Board and will they be called to attend the meeting to get their input.

    Answer: The Transport Board will be involved in the moving of school children to the various points.

    Are the roads along the route of the chain link being closed off from traffic that morning?

    Answer: The roads will remain open, however some roads may be closed or made one way for the duration of the chain link exercise.

    Are we having a park and ride service? Where are persons going to park their cars?

    Answer: There will be no park and ride service provided. Persons should park their cars off the main road/route as early as possible and make their way to their allocated location on the route.

    Has provision been made for government employees who wish to attend the chain during that time?

    Answer: The Ministry of the Civil Service has given permission for government offices to take part in the Chain Link, hence persons can come out and take part in the chain link activity and go to work afterward.

    Are private sector businesses taking part?

    Answer: The Chamber of Commerce has indicated that businesses should allow employees to participate due to it being a national event. Requests should be posed to ones employer for permission and clarification.

    What time are persons expected to join the chain link?

    Answer: Persons are asked to arrive as early as 9:00 am so that we can achieve uniformity. The chain link activity should be synchronized and commence by 10:15 am.

    Should persons stay home and join the line and then go to work?

    Answer: Once your employer approves, you can stay home if you are on the route and then travel to work afterwards.

    What activities will take place during the chain link?

    Answer: The Chain Link activity will include the singing of the National Anthem, reciting the National Pledge and singing Let’s Join Hands. Miniature Tridents, some of which were manufactured by students, will be passed along the chain.

    Would I be penalized if I get to work late?

    Answer: You should not be penalized for getting to work late once notification has been given to your employer. Proof of registration for the Chain Link can also be printed once registered on the onepeopleonebarbados.com website or at the secretariat located at the Ministry of Education.

    Will businesses remain open during the chain link ceremony?

    Answer: Yes, businesses will remain open, however one should check with the business as some may open later to accommodate employees attending the ceremony.

    Are clear define markings and numbers being displayed on trees, poles, streets and banners to help users identify exactly where the link is supposed to be?

    Answer: The roads will be marked with the Fiftieth Anniversary logo and the point numbers for the points along the route. Details of the route can also be viewed on the onepeopleonebarbados facebook page and the onepeopleonebarbados website.

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